Meet the artist #7 Andy Egert Costa Rica Blues Fest

Andy is one of the hardest working bluesmen of Switzerland and all of Europe and has earned a high reputation during the last 30 years. Presenting blues at its best and in the tradition of his great heroes Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter, Robert Johnson and many others. Andy Egert is the winner of […]

Meet the artist #6 Costa Rica Blues Festival. Jack the Blues.

Es un grupo que con un estilo e influencias en el Blues fusiona géneros como el funk, jazz y country con lo latino. Grupo cartaginés conformado por Susanne Montoya (vocalista), Gabo Montoya (guitarrista), Rodolfo Fernández (bajista) y Aarón Ramírez (baterista). Inicia a finales del 2013, comenzando con Gabo, Susanne y Sara los tres hermanos y […]

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Danza y Circo para celebrar la Primer Decada del Parque La Libertad

La unión de siete propuestas distintas que manejan un mismo idioma, tanto la danza contemporánea como las técnicas circenses que se fusionan para el deleite del espectador”, así define la coordinadora de la Escuela de danza, teatro y circo del Parque La Libertad, Sol Carballo, la “Tarde de danza y circo”; actividad que celebrará los […]

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Meet the Artist #5 Costa Rica Blues fest. Darin Talbot Costa Man

And so every party needs a soul. And that where Darin Talbot enters the scene. It all began in 1999 when Darin Talbot’s song “Tweeker Shred Master” from his debut CD “MUSIC FLIGHT” won BEST NEW SONG honors at the first online music festival; this secured Talbot an invitation to hang with Hef, perform at […]

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Meet the artist #4 Costa Rica Blues Fest. Smokin Mo & Blues Devils

Costa Rica`s Premiere Blues Band since 2000 Mauricio “Smokin Mo” Ledezma was born in Chicago, but moved to Costa Rica as a child. At the age of 19, he returned to the States to live in Houston, Texas. In Houston, he fell in love with the sound of Texas Blues and Swing and learned to […]

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Meet the artist #3 Costa Rica Blues Fest Sparky Parker

The gulf coast metropolis of Houston, Texas has a great history of acclaimed blues artists, and Sparky Parker proves that the big city still produces great talent to this day.  Sparky’s potent combo of blistering lead guitar work and soulful voice is a force to be reckoned with. For over a decade, he has honed […]

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Meet Artist #2 Costa Rica Blues Fest LOS NEOTICS

LOS NEOTICS is a Costa Rican group of funk and soul, focused mainly on playing their own versions of classics from the 70’s. Founded in 2002, by the singer, Robert Aguilar, one of the pioneers of soul and funk music in his native Costa Rica. Since its inception the band has always been characterized by […]

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2 tickets 1 Winner Costa Rica Blues Festival in Guanacaste

Do you like the Blues? We do. Do you like the Blues? We do. Do you like festivals?. We do As an official Sponsor of the 8th Annual Costa Rica Blues Festival Paradise Products Costa Rica wants to give a away to tickets for bluest event of the year. We have been working close with […]

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Meet the artists #1 Costa Rica Blues Fest. Donnie Walsh

Today we are starting a meet the artist blog post treat. So our readers and assistants to the 8th Annual Blues Fest Sponsor by Paradise Products Costa Rica get to know some of the faces. And bands that are going to share the stage. In Playa Potrero Guanacaste. And so to start we decided to […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paradise Products Costa Rica

Well this has definitely been a extremely interesting year. Loaded with curious situations, joy, and many other moments. Some of which we hope never to relieve again. Either way it has been a real please to serve our clients, producers and readers. we have definitely grow a lot during this years. What started has a […]

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