958 étrangers qui ont tenté de traverser lors de la fermeture de la frontière ont été rejetés.

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A total of 958 foreigners who wanted to enter the country through all the border posts, mainly in Peñas Blancas and Las Tablillas, as well as different “blind spots” on the northern border, were rejected in the last 7 days.

 This was announced by the vice president of the Republic and coordinator of the Development Strip of the Northern Zone, Epsy Campbell Barr, at the Peñas Blancas border post, where she carried out an inspection of the situation in the area as a result of the emergency of COVID-19.

Additionally, 5,204 sanitary orders have been issued at all immigration control posts.
During the morning, the Vice President of the Republic, Epsy Campbell, held a meeting in the morning with representatives of different institutions.

Precisely, to reinforce surveillance in the northern zone, the Ministry of Public Se

curity reported that it had more personnel available that will allow greater control over the movement of people, as well as those foreigners who attempt to violate the current border closure decreed by the Government of the Republic. .

The work of the Public Force is added to the actions of other police bodies such as the Border Police and the National Coast Guard Service that is patrolling the waters bordering Nicaragua in the north Pacific.

The deputy director of the Professional Migration Police, Alonso Soto, indicated that it is a priority of the government of the Republic to prioritize human public health and that along this line the borders are being reinforced with resources from all the police executed under a single plan.
The vice president carried out an inspection at the Peñas Blancas border post where she verified the operation carried out by different police forces.

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“We are taking action in a timely manner. All the authorities are vested with a health authority, trying to contain and protect the border, “said Soto.

Vice President Campbell recognized the work of the different authorities working from the borders with the purpose of protecting the borders, of the local representations and of the private company to protect the Costa Rican citizens against this health emergency that the country is experiencing.

During his visit to the northern border area, Campbell Barr also held an inter-institutional meeting with representatives of the National Customs Service, the Ministries of Health and Foreign Trade, as well as the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and police forces.

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