905-MISALUD has brought medicines to more than 61,000 insured

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A total of 61 thousand chronic patients assigned to the health establishments of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), which have implemented the electronic prescription, have benefited from the home delivery of medications since the implementation of the 905 telephone line- MI SALUD and the joint collaboration between public institutions and private companies.

According to Dr. Esteban Vega De la O, national coordinator of Pharmaceutical Services of the CCSS, these patients have received nearly 366 thousand drugs, as of April 10, taking into account that a chronic patient requires, on average, six medications to control your condition.

He explained that as part of the strategies aimed at guaranteeing timely access to medications and avoiding travel to health facilities, the institution enabled, through 905-MISALUD option 4, the possibility for chronic patients with proof of the date of voucher-type withdrawal and with withdrawal dates between March 19 and until April 30, can activate the preparation of your treatment by this means, always two days before the indicated date and up to a maximum of 10 days before the withdrawal date.

Currently, a total of 100 health establishments throughout the country have home delivery of medicines under this modality, both for patients with the possibility of activating the electronic prescription through the call center and for those who receive differentiated care, through of the modalities of tele consultation or video consultation, to whom, during the care, the data of their address is taken to send their medications.

Dr. Vega stated that the results obtained after the implementation of this strategy have been possible thanks to the joint support between public institutions and private companies, which have added valuable collaboration by allocating their resources: vehicles, drivers and fuel.

The distribution of the fleet destined for this service is detailed as follows:

  • 24 CCSS vehicles.
  • 5 Toyota Rent a Car vehicles.
  • 11 vehicles from Enterprise Rent a Car who supported until last April 12.
  • 5 INDER vehicles.
  • 2 INVU vehicles.
  • 5 Hyundai Crediautos vehicles.
  • 17 UCR vehicles.
  • 5 TEC vehicles.
  • 5 RECOPE vehicles.
  • 15 vehicles of the Judiciary.
  • 2 Vehicles of Body S and S of Heredia.
  • 1 UNED vehicle.
  • Support from CR Post Office in alliance with the National Emergency Commission.

Likewise, other institutions have joined and have supported initiatives at the local level, including Coopelesca and the National University, as well as offering support proposals to guarantee the continuity of the home delivery service.

For Dr. Vega De la O, the consolidation of this project shows the sense of solidarity of the Costa Rican health system, as well as the importance of inter-institutional and private company alliances that guarantee timely access to the main risk groups medicines and continuity of treatment with the aim of keeping this sector of the population in a safer place and preventing health problems.

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