8 days of protests leave +100 police officers injured and +60 arrests and millions of dollars in business losses.

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The Minister of Security, Michael Soto, reported at a press conference that after a week of protests, about 100 police officers have been injured and 60 people have been detained, after clashes between officers and groups of people when removing road blocks.

The most violent episode occurred today in the town of Paquita, Puntarenas province (south), where police buses were attacked with stones and a Molotov cocktails were even thrown at an officer, although he was not seriously injured. Another 25 policemen were beaten, the minister said.

Call for dialogue took a long time to be answered.

Last Sunday Alvarado withdrew the original proposal before the IMF, and called for a multisectoral dialogue to correct the protests and lift the blockades that damaged the country’s already impoverished finances. Alvarado’s message was perceived as inconclusive and several sources of protest and blockades refused to comply with it.

Meanwhile, the Public Force was sent to lift blockades, requiring the use of tear gas and anti-riot forces, which generated violent clashes between officers and protesters, ending in several police units damaged and burned and at least a hundred policemen injured .

President Alvarado acknowledged that proposals should arise from the national dialogue process under three variables: that the measures taken have a quantitative impact on the country, that they be ideas that materialize in the short and medium term and that they be measures with social viability. and politics.

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