72 families will have social welfare houses in Barras del Caribe.

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A group of 72 low-income families living in the Caribbean Bar, Limón province, will have a new home, after the Housing Mortgage Bank (BANHVI) approved ¢ 1,048.9 million to build the new adapted houses to the conditions of the terrain and climate typical of that part of the country.

These are family nuclei that have been settled in these areas of the North Caribbean for more than 20 years. All received from the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic Slope (JAPDEVA), a land use permit that allowed them to opt for a housing voucher.

The group of individual cases is made up of 72 homes located in four communities that are located on the mainland banks adjacent to the different canals: San Francisco and Tortuguero (both in the Pococí canton) and Parismina and La Lucha, in the canton of Siquirres.

These communities have basic electricity lines, waste collection with a collection and recycling center, as well as rural aqueducts for the supply of drinking water, with the exception of the community of San Francisco, where wells will be built to supply homes.

“The approval of resources for these first 72 homes is the result of arduous inter-institutional work led by the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements, hand in hand with the communities and the listening process that we have carried out,” declared from Limón, the Vice President of the Republic Marvin Rodríguez, at the conclusion of Thursday the session of the territorial dialogue of the Huetar Caribe Region Table, of which he is coordinator.

During the work session of the Dialogue Table in Tortuguero the previous week, it had been reported on the prompt approval of this financing for housing bonds in this area of ​​the Costa Rican Caribbean.

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