4.8 out of every 100 people have been vaccinated against Covid 19. 250,000 Doses applied

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The vaccination teams of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) are close to placing the first quarter of a million doses of vaccine against covid-19 in our country; This is shown by the data registered by the Integrated Vaccine System (SIVA).

According to institutional data, collected until the end of Friday, March 12, a total of 248,082 vaccines have been applied, reaching a national vaccination rate of 4.80 per 100 inhabitants.

Dr. Xiomara Badilla Vargas, head of Epidemiological Surveillance of the CCSS, explained that of the total doses placed 190 088 (77%) correspond to the application of first doses, while 57 994 (23%) to second doses.

The official added that, regarding the gender variable, the female is the one that has received the most vaccines, a total of 135,259 doses for a vaccination rate of 5.3 per 100 women; while the male has received 112,823 doses reaching a vaccination rate of 4.3 for every 100 men.

While the progress data of the prioritization groups show that in the group of adults aged 58 years and over, 126,828 doses have been applied for a vaccination rate per 100 inhabitants of 15.5. Of these 116 750 correspond to first doses and 10 078 to second doses.
In the group made up of workers from first response institutions, 121,254 vaccines have been applied: 73,338 correspond to the first dose and 47,916 to second doses.

Finally, regarding the geographical distribution of the doses. The Central South regions (114 727 doses) and the Central North (62 406 doses) lead the ranking by number of doses placed. While the Central South and Central Pacific regions are the ones that have advanced the most according to the rate of application of vaccines per 100 inhabitants with 5.97 and 5.84 specifically.

This morning 72,162 new doses were distributed among the health facilities of the CCSS. These will be placed in the prioritized groups throughout this week.


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