37 Million Colones in 11 projects for potable water in Limon.

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From Tortuguero to Puerto Viejo and from Guápiles to Alto Telire, an investment portfolio of ₡ 37.4 billion in 11 drinking water and sanitation projects extends through the province of Limón, of which 3 have been concluded in 2020 and 5 more have are running.

In the Historical Month of Afro-descendants, the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) announced the progress in these projects in coordination with the Mesa Caribe.

“Although these are complex times, we continue in the hard work of bringing well-being to families. Our goal is to continue advancing in these projects that are of the utmost importance to improve the lives of Limonenses ”, commented the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, who this Monday, August 31, traveled to the Caribbean province to celebrate the session of Government council.

The three projects concluded in 2020 benefit 74,200 people, thanks to an investment of ₡ 37 million. These are the aqueducts for the indigenous communities of Alto Bley and Bekbatä, in Talamanca, and Kuchey de Tayní in Valle de la Estrella, as well as a new well for the Guápiles aqueduct.

“We have set our sights on the development of Limón and we are committed to the Caribbean as a whole. We maintain a strong investment to guarantee the supply to indigenous communities, and in projects such as the sanitary sewer system in Puerto Viejo and in the city of Limón, as well as works that increase availability in Guápiles, among others ”, highlighted the executive president of AyA, Yamileth Astorga.

In action

Another 5 strategic projects are in execution. Among them, the Puerto Viejo sanitary sewer system stands out with an investment of ₡ 7,382 million for the benefit of more than 4,000 people. Since the start of works in June, 1.7 kilometers of sanitary pipes have been installed out of the 10.9 km to be laid.

As part of this project, the contract for the design and construction of the Puerto Viejo wastewater treatment plant is expected to be firmly awarded in September, which will be the most advanced in the country with three levels of treatment.

Other projects in execution include two aqueducts in Bratsi de Talamanca for the indigenous communities of Akberie, Chase and Batallón; and San Miguel, San Vicente and Sibujú, with a joint investment of ₡ 1,082 million for 981 people.

In La Rita de Pococí, a new well is also being built as part of a project of ₡ 737 million for 3,000 people.

In Progress

The institution and the Mesa Caribe are promoting other large projects that are in pre-execution processes. The largest of these is the expansion of the sanitary sewer system in the city of Limón, which is progressing in the final designs prior to the bidding phase.

This investment of ₡ 27 billion will double the connections to the sanitation system from 7,700 to 15,700 services and increase the coverage area from 303 to 816 hectares.

Other projects that are moving forward are the wastewater treatment project in Tortuguero for the benefit of 1,500 people and a new well in Cahuita.

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