$ 33,000,000 of the IDB and AFD loans could be used for the CCSS

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The Government of the Republic proposes to use ¢ 33 billion of the loan with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and with the French Development Agency (AFD) to pay the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) the contribution that it promised to settle with respect to the decrease that was applied in the Minimum Tax Base (BMC) of workers in health and pension insurance due to the affectation of COVID-19.

In the month of March, the Board of Directors of the CCSS agreed for a period of three months to reduce 75% of the current BMC in health and pension insurance, corresponding to the base salary by which all workers must contribute to such insurance, as part of the actions to attend the national emergency by COVID-19.

The Minister of the Presidency, Marcelo Prieto, will dialogue with the different sections of the Legislative Assembly in order to have the approval of the deputies.

The IDB-AFD loan for $ 380 million was presented to the legislature in order to be used in the attention of the coronavirus emergency.

Also, as part of the Government’s commitment to the CCSS in seeking solutions for the financial sustainability of the institution, in coordination with the Board of Directors, working groups were established to address various measures, including:

-Table 1. Specify the projection of the total cost of COVID care by the CCSS.

-Table 2. Presentation of the Executive Power of a counterproposal for liquidity support and analysis route on a minimum tax base.

-Table 3. Analysis of the lawfulness of collection to the Ministry of Public Education and corresponding amount.

-Table 4. Coordination and generation of a differentiated insurance proposal for people in the informal sector.

The President of the Republic will have a second working session with the Board of Directors of the CCSS next week.

This is a coordination effort between the Executive and the Board of Directors to jointly address the challenges of the institution and work to strengthen it.

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