32 people from La Carpio return home after 28 days in isolation

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After 28 days of isolation in a care center for positive people due to Covid-19, 23 people from the La Carpio community managed to overcome the virus and had a successful return to their homes on Sunday afternoon.

The same situation occurred with nine carriers who, after confinement, were able to go to Peñas Blancas and continue their route.

In order to avoid contagion, the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE) transferred these people on May 17 to a shelter located in downtown San José, to be cared for under a safe environment and with the physical conditions necessary for virus treatment.

This Sunday, after the Ministry of Health lifted the respective health order for being out of the focus of contagion, the institution proceeded to the respective transfer to their homes and Peñas Blancas.

According to the CNE, these types of spaces are really important and this is how its president Alexander Solís let him see it at a press conference. “The success of having these centers for care for positive patients by Covid lies in the protection of the patient and their environment, which is reflected in the cessation of contagion by performing a rapid action of isolation and care,” he explained.

At the moment, the CNE has shelters in San José and last weekend one was opened in Peñas Blancas de San Ramón where 19 positive people are.

Lines of action

The strategy of primary containment of positive cases was successfully applied in San José, by allowing outbreaks to be controlled in highly vulnerable sites such as La Carpio, La Uruca, and neighboring places.

The CNE and Health authorities value installing care centers in different parts of the country to minimize the spread of the virus and keep people rooted in the place where they live.

As a preventive measure, provision has been made to hire an organization with experience in health, waste management and a deep disinfection contract in each shelter in order to avoid exposure of community volunteers.

Positive people with a health order who require temporary isolation are those who cannot quarantine at home for physical-health and safety reasons. Therefore, locating people in temporary shelters is essential since it prevents contagion towards their social bubble and their neighbors, guaranteeing that the people who inhabit or visit the territories are safe.

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