[:en]25th of July Nicoya’s Party Annexation.[:]

[:en]Here in Costa Rica we love to have holidays, we called those “feriados.” And we have some during the year. On July 25th  Costa Rica and Guanacaste one of our provinces. Celebrate the Annexation of Nicoyas’s Party and this a condensation of the story.

Mapa Costa Rica

Costa Rica, and the rest of Central America got its independence from the Spanish Kingdom the 15th of September 1821. For Costa Rica there was no turmoil at all. Mexico been the political centre of the Vice Royalty of New Spain fought its own independence revolution. For the rest of the provinces (Guatelama, Honduras, San Salvador, Belice, Nicaragua and Costa Rica). Independence arrived as a consequence of Mexico’s revolution. That was in such a degree that Costa Rica singed its confirmation of independence on October 11th 1821. Almost an entire month after the declaration.

Among those now free and inexperience territories was Nicoya’s Party. Founded in 1787 as an “intendencia” for the Captaincy General of Guatemala. Nicoya could not exist as a independent party while the rest of central américa were shaping its old provinces as new fully functional states. For that reason in 1821 it was put under the administrations of Granada’s Governance. That is to say under Nicaragua’s supervision. And so it was until the 25th of July 1824. When an Open Cabildo was hold. That is the equivalent of a modern Referendum in which the people, of Nicoya,  Santa Cruz and Liberia decided freely to join Costa Rica. Making the following pledge. “De la Patria por nuestra Voluntad” that translates to. “To the country by our own will.”

Cordillera de Guanacaste.

For 192 years Guanacaste has added colour, music, dance, bombas, beauty and much more to Costa Rica, not to forgot the Guipipía yell. For everyone in Costa Rica and for everyone else who knows this country its people. Guancaste’s annexation was something meant to be. And every year for 192 years and for all the years to come we all will celebrate that amazing day. When people freely embrace their chance to belong to this small, peaceful and beautiful portion of hearth.





For your eyes delight here is Natgeo  #Guanacaste  Selection of photos.



Post main Photo árbol de Guanacaste taken from jacinta lluch valero



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