236 Nicaraguan doctors call on the government to act seriously against Covid19.

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The Nicaraguan government’s position vis-à-vis the pandemic of mine by Covid19 is most worrying, President Daniel Ortega and his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo have demystified on numerous occasions the seriousness of the pandemic that has already claimed nearly 250,000 deaths and infected more than 3,000,000 people worldwide.

The Ortega government has not only been negligent in dealing with the crisis, but not enough to ignore the emergency situation, they have actively advocated mass meetings, even calling for a massive march to confront Covid19 in some way …

According to the newspaper “El confidencial”

The group of experts -of various medical specializations- also demands that the Government publicly establish its contingency plan in the face of this public health emergency, “and immediately implement measures of social distancing and restriction of mass meetings, as well as isolation and quarantine as necessary. “

El Confidencial Nicaragua.

The regime of Daniel Ortega, of Marxist tendency is an old ally of countries like Venezuela, Iran and China. During the previous two years, he was responsible for a high flow of Nicaraguan refugees to Costa Rica due to political and press freedom repressions, which culminated in several deaths and the closure of several newspapers in Nicaragua.

Situations such as this are tense and Nicaragua’s relations with neighboring countries, while putting the health of not only its nationals but also that of citizens of other countries in the region at risk. For example, the case of 2 Nicaraguans who entered Costa Rica illegally and on April 30 tested positive for Covid19 importing the virus from Nicaragua to Costa Rica.

The highest mortality in the region with the fewest cases in the region.

The highest mortality in the region with the fewest number of cases in the region, according to the Confidencial de Nicaragua. As of May 2, the country’s health ministry (Minsa) had reported only 14 positive cases for Covid-19 and 4 deaths. For a mortality of 35.7%. While in Costa Rica 739 infected and only 6 deaths are reported for a mortality of 8% the lowest on the continent. The newspaper claims to have information that both the actual number of infected and the deceased in Nicaragua is higher than that reported by the government.

El Diario says

In Nicaragua, official information is centralized by the Government, which decides what data to share, how to say it, and to whom. The Minsa authorities do not provide statements to the independent media or allow access to exclusive press conferences for official media. They also do not provide information on the tests carried out.

El Confidencial Nicaragua.

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