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Perez Zeledón increases coffee production thanks to a new production plant.

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We currently export 65% of our coffee production, mainly to England, but when the plant and equipment that Inder is delivering to us today work at full capacity, we will export 80% ”, estimated Froilán Díaz, manager General of the Cooperativa de Productores Agroindustriales de Cedral de Pérez Zeledón.

“With the old equipment we could process a maximum of 400 bushels of coffee, but with these we will be able to reach up to 2500 bushels and also, we do not have to depend on other companies to carry out the drying processes,” said Díaz.

The project – aimed at the construction of productive infrastructure and equipment for the coffee mill – began in December 2019 and was delivered to the organization this Thursday, November 12, during a tour by Harys Regidor, Inder’s executive president.

Inder built a 10 by 20 meter coffee processing plant in cement and industrial sheets, with enough capacity to double the productivity of the organization, and acquired specialized equipment for drying and threshing coffee, which allows the cooperative to be Self-sufficient without having to take the product to dry in other places.

The investment was of ₡ 176 million. To guarantee the success of the process, the National Production Council (CNP) provided technical advice and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) and the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (ICAFÉ) gave advice to producers regarding management and good crop practices.

“Our efforts are currently focused on initiatives that allow the country to accelerate its economic recovery. We support the rural population, through special credits, with non-reimbursable resource funds and also prioritizing the execution of those projects that positively impact the competitiveness of the territories ”, explained the executive president of Inder.

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