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Infrastructure gives added value to Perez Zeledón products

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“Thanks to the investments made, today we are vacuum packing, deep-freezing blackberry, cas, or passion fruit to make soft drinks without losing the properties of the fruits; we have a box washing machine, an intelligent kitchen that allows us to process dehydrated products such as bananas or pineapple, and sell at very competitive prices in the national market ”. This is how Douglas González, general manager of the Perez Zeledón Cantonal Agricultural Center (CAC), explains the added value they have been able to give to their products, based on the investments made by the Rural Development Institute (Inder).

With the official delivery of this project, the two-day tour of the country’s Brunca Region by Inder authorities began this Thursday, November 12, led by its executive president, Harys Regidor and Jeffry Montoya Rodríguez, mayor of Pérez Zeledón.

Despite the difficult situation the country is going through due to the socio-economic effects of the pandemic, the producers affiliated with CAC de Pérez Zeledón have been able to move forward, thanks to the diversification and improvement they implemented.

This organization received the support of Inder with an investment of more than ₡ 86.5 million through the transfer of resources, for the purchase of industrial equipment and furniture necessary to carry out its processes. The project includes resources for the construction of infrastructure and equipment for the transformation of fruit and vegetable products. Its purpose is to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of producers, through the stimulation of sustainable competitiveness and generation of added value.

The manager of the CAC Pérez Zeledón also indicated that this organization currently has more than 64 associates and maintains 53 productive chains of affiliates; Furthermore, between direct and indirect jobs, approximately 1,500 people are benefited.

“The innovation of products without additives, preservatives or artificial colors, little or no invasive processes, packaging systems that allow steam cooking, products with better sensory qualities, are some of the benefits of this initiative that is part of the Strategy ´ Rural Motor ‘and more specifically of’ The Route to Rural Development ‘, through which Inder prioritized those public investment products to support economic reactivation in rural territories ”, indicated the executive president of Inder.

To carry out this initiative, we also worked in an articulated way between the Inder with the financing, the National Production Council (CNP) with technical and marketing advice, as well as with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) with advice to the producers. regarding the management and good practices of crops.

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