Far from achieving consensus, Alvarado’s speech increased the number of points blocked.

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Despite the government’s call for a national dialogue, the Ministry of Public Security with a cutoff at 7:00 a.m. reported that blockades persist in 45 points, in addition, 10 zones keep passage intermittently and 2,172 people are obstructing different roads in the country.

Among the routes with passage problems as a result of the protests are Naranjo, San Ramón (Aserradero), Grecia (Fanal), San Rafael (Panasonic), Dominical Bridge (Barú), Ceibo (Buenos Aires), Paso Canoas (customs sector ), Cariari (Barrio la Sole), León Cortés, Loma Verde (Pérez Zeledón), Cedral crossing (Ciudad Quesada), Chirripo river (Route 32), Siquirres (Cocal), Chilamate, Cariari (Tortuguero bridge), Siquirres (Cocal) , cross Altamira (Aguas Zarcas).

President Carlos Alvarado, on Sunday invited various sectors to dialogue to build balanced proposals and agreements that contribute to the improvement of the country’s situation, while urging the protesters to lift the blockades.

For his part, the Minister of the Presidency, Marcelo Prieto, reaffirmed the Executive’s willingness to start with the conversations that long ago have been developing with fishermen, unions, housing, agriculture, as well as with the academy with which precisely, on Friday Previously, the president met with economists from the National University.

“There has been a will for dialogue, the impact on third parties is not justified, especially those small businessmen, farmers and the general public who are working to reactivate the country’s economy,” said the head of government cabinet.

Likewise, the Executive reiterated the call to cease the violent and criminal behaviors that have occurred during the four days of protests where officers of the Public Force have been attacked, damage to police cars, obstruction of emergency first response vehicles, transport of goods and citizenship

The private sector, for its part, has shown its concern that the demonstrations continue because they have been seriously affected since they cannot mobilize export products, raw materials, supplies, among others and even pointed out that if the mobilizations are not stopped, they will start suspending contracts.

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