What to expect when you arrive at Juan Santamaría Airport, Covid measures.

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AERIS, administrator of the Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS), in accordance with the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica and with the intention of joining forces in the face of the health emergency caused by Covid-19, established the following measures:

  1. Signage in the airport terminal and lobby that indicates to passengers the importance of respecting the distance of 1.8 meters between one person and another.
  2. Both in international departures and arrivals, the labeling on peañas (flow markers), passenger check lines, security filters and entry to the aircraft is visible. Likewise, in floors the distance that must be respected between one passenger and another is indicated.
  3. All audiovisual resources (screens, videowalls and voices) were used to communicate to passengers about prevention and protection measures.
  4. Among them: the distance of 1.8 meters, recommendations when coughing or sneezing and hand washing.
  5. Proper labeling and recommendations are guaranteed in all bathrooms in the air terminal.
  6. In both international arrivals and departures, 89 sanitizer dispensers were installed, with their proper labeling.
  7. All the bars inside the AIJS are closed. For their part, establishments such as restaurants, FoodCourt and VIP lounges operate with an occupancy capacity of fifty percent (50%). That includes the staff dining room at the air terminal.
  8. Access to the lobby is only for outgoing passengers.
  9. Reinforcement of the Manager’s staff in the departure area these days where many tourists and visitors return to their countries of origin. This staff reiterates the measuresprecedents orally to all passengers.

“All the measures used are in strict adherence to the recommendations of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health. We ensure the protection of our collaborators, of the entire airport community and of passengers seeking to reach their destinations, as well as those who return to the country, ”said Rafael Mencía, Executive Director of AERIS.

Passengers are invited, for the protection of all, to follow the recommendations of the authorities within the airport.

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