By agreement with the IMF, the government agrees to reduce expenses and closings and sales, “without making layoffs.”

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The new temporary and permanent tax measures are accompanied by the various initiatives and efforts made by the Government to reduce expenses.

What are the new fiscal measures proposed by the government for agreement with the IMF?

Some of the proposals in this area are the closure or merger of decentralized bodies, the elimination of annuities, the reduction of political debt by 50%, the process of voluntary mobility of public officials and the sale of assets such as FANAL and BICSA.

“The agreement with the IMF is a necessary milestone in the process of fiscal consolidation and macroeconomic stability, to enable potential growth, job creation and the well-being of families. Sacrifices in terms of spending will be fundamental, such as those raised in the public employment reform, institutional redesign, spending cuts in strict adherence to fiscal rule, the opening of a voluntary mobility program, the suspension of annuities and of salary increases and the sale of assets ”, explained the Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy, María del Pilar Garrido Gonzalo.

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