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Carlos Alvarado negotiates with the IMF a financial agreement that could assess wages above 800,000 colones

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“If we do not act, the risk is in devaluation, in high interest rates, in more unemployment and in poverty, which would affect everyone and with particular severity the poorest,” said Alvarado.

President Alvarado stated that this week he will be presenting the negotiation proposal that he will present to the IMF to the faction heads of the Legislative Assembly, and to the country in general, which has four objectives:

  1. Maintain economic stability and confidence in the country.
  2. Maintain the vital institutions of our Social State of Law in force.
  3. Make the State more efficient so that it better serves the people.
  4. Protect the poor and vulnerable, as well as the middle class, at all costs.

The president was emphatic in indicating that “the Value Added Tax (VAT) will not be increased. It will not affect people with salaries less than ₡ 800 thousand, whether they are from the public or private sector. There will be no massive layoffs of officials. We will not go into asset sales beyond what we have already publicly committed to. We will not touch the free zones, which are key for investment and employment. None of that will happen ”.

“The different sectors will contribute, but the wealthiest will be the ones that most support the way out of this crisis. Solidarity and unity are the key ”, he added.

This proposal has been enriched with the citizen contributions made in the virtual forums that were held in recent weeks and which were led by the Vice President of the Republic, Epsy Campbell, the Vice President of Costa Rica, Marvin Rodríguez, and the economic team.

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