MAG lists 13 projects for agricultural recovery in the Caribbean.

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With the development of 13 agro-productive projects promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), in coordination with other entities of the sector and State institutions, academia and private companies, the aim is to improve the conditions in which farmers from the Caribbean region of the country.

This is a series of initiatives that seek to empower producers engaged in activities such as cocoa production, livestock, dairy, poultry, vegetables, papaya, musaceae, among others, with the aim of reducing levels of intermediation, improving the processes of value addition and the standard of living of families that depend on this type of crop.

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Renato Alvarado, indicated that most of the projects have been executed or are soon to be developed, with an investment that exceeds ₡ 3,500 million, directly benefiting more than 1,350 producers and their families, in the communities of Matina, Batán, Carrandy, Guácimo, Limón, Matama, Valle la Estrella, Pococí, Cariari, Jiménez, Siquirres, Germania, Florida, Cairo, La Alegría, Talamanca and Telire.

“These initiatives are part of the current Administration’s commitment to boost the sector, generate wealth and increase employment, so that families that live off agriculture have better living conditions. All the projects have among their components the addition of value to primary production, the strengthening of marketing and exports, the inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as indigenous people, and sustainability, ”Minister Alvarado specified.

For his part, the vice president of the Republic and coordinator of the Caribbean Board, Marvin Rodríguez, celebrated and thanked the work of the government agencies that, under a principle of inter-institutional articulation, have granted the respective financing to the projects presented, providing opportunities to hundreds of agricultural families in the province.

“From the Caribbean Table we promote the Caribbean Economic Zone and within it the Agroindustry Cluster, under a triple helix concept with the active participation of the Academy, producers, government institutions and with the support of local governments. We are advancing in the consolidation of this cluster to generate decent jobs and more and better opportunities for the sector ”, he specified.

For the execution of these projects, the MAG has joined efforts of entities of the Agricultural Sector, among them, the Rural Development Institute (INDER), the National Production Council (CNP), the National Animal Health Service (SENASA), the Foundation for Research and Transfer of Agricultural Technology (FITTACORI) and the National Council of 4S Clubs.

In addition, it has articulated with other entities such as the Board for the Port Development of the Atlantic Slope (JAPDEVA), the Costa Rican Electricity Institutes (ICE), Mixed Social Aid (IMAS), the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER), the Commission for the Ordinance and Management of the Reventazón River Basin (COMCURE).

As well as organizations such as the Tropical Agricultural Research and Teaching Center (CATIE) and with the National (UNA) and Costa Rica (UCR) universities. “The achievements would not be possible without the will of chambers and organizations of producers and private companies such as the Cantonal Agricultural Centers, the United Caribbean Chamber of Cattlemen, Wild tropics, Green Life, and Tropical Fruits”, added the rector minister of the agricultural sector .

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