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Hundreds of people attend the demonstration requesting opening and being able to work.

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In disarray and with vehement calls for an immediate and comprehensive opening in the midst of the pandemic, hundreds of Costa Ricans gathered in the central park of San José and marched in the direction of the Presidential House to ask the government for a prompt and general opening.

Organized by former presidential candidate Jose Miguel Corrales, it brought together different groups of workers and union sectors concerned about the closures caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic aggravated an already worrying situation of unemployment prior to 12% than for the second quarter of the year point to 21% unemployment.

Hundreds of businesses from different fields have closed in order not to open more. Temporary or partial closures have inevitably led to unemployment for thousands of Costa Ricans, with tourism being the worst hit sector.

Although in August air borders were reopened for a score of countries, the months of September, October and November are the months of low season, this situation is aggravated knowing the closures and air restrictions of the main countries emitting tourists to Costa Rica.

Government accuses protesters of violence.

The central government has accused the protesters of criminal acts and violence, including the detonation of a small explosive device under a traffic police crane.

During the demonstration, the passions prevailed over the protocols and masks and distancing ceased to be on the minds of many protesters.

Presidential House says that it has maintained a dialogue with various affected sectors, such as bars, stylists, transportation, among others. However, the re-activation measures are clearly insufficient. And any government economic reactivation plan seems necessarily to include international loans and ink the future of new taxes on a population already burdened by the country’s high costs of living.

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