President and Government plummet in popularity after Alvarado’s mistakes.

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Although at the beginning of the pandemic the view of the population on the decisions made by the government was mostly favorable, the latest CIEP survey from the University of Costa Rica reflects a state deeply concerned about the lack of leadership and planning of the central government. A feeling that ends up exploding when the issues of the pandemic impact factors such as economic stability and employment.

At the beginning of the uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the latest Sociopolitical Opinion Study, published last April, registered a historic rebound in the positive evaluations of the president and the government. On that occasion, it was warned that there could be a steep decline and this is exactly what the results reflected this August, with 50% negative evaluations towards President Alvarado’s management, 26% positive evaluations and 22% evaluations neutral.

Since April, the president has been asked for more economic reactivation measures, the aftermath of the case of the Presidential Data Analysis Unit (UPAD) has followed and more recently, his last vacation has been publicly questioned. All these elements could have influenced these figures.

In addition to this, confidence in the government to face the coronavirus crisis has also decreased from 75% who claimed to trust the government’s decisions in April to 46% in August. The same happens with the valuation of economic measures, which went from 71% that valued them positively in April to 27% in August. The lowest variation occurred when consulting for health measures, with 69% being valued as positive compared to 94% last April.

All of this fosters an environment where pessimism remains, following the trend since January 2018, with positive opinions that do not exceed 20%. On this occasion, 82% of the people classify the economic situation of the country as bad or very bad.

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