26 Cantons are on the “high risk” list for syndromic alert.

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The National Emergency Commission, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and the Ministry of Health today pointed out the risk of 51 districts that are currently on yellow alert, but present an increase in consultations for cough and fever, which increases the risk to face an orange alert soon, since they are symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The 51 districts belonging to 26 cantons have a “high” risk on the syndromic alert scale defined by the CCSS. The recommendation of the health authorities for this type of localities is:

  • Intensify the supervision of compliance with protocols from the municipal police, with the support of the business chambers and the community.
  • Expand the dissemination of the message of preventive measures, indicating to the population the early risk they are in as a community.
  • Strengthen territorial care, with an emphasis on districts that present increased risk.
  • Increase close monitoring of at-risk populations, which are more vulnerable in the event of a possible future outbreak.
  • Take forecasts from the Municipal Emergency Committees in order to visualize the need for an isolation center and the possible spaces where it could be located.

“The forecast is basic in this management of early alerts, the communal spaces are suitable to promote this preventive work, working inter-institutionally from the Municipal Emergency Committees, and thus create solutions with local sensitivity,” said Priscilla Herrera, Director General of health.

From the Situation Room, where the entities involved in emergency care participate, these factors are analyzed weekly, as well as other indicators that allow monitoring of the national epidemiological situation.

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