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Clinica Oftalmológica isolates 15 officials after 1 positive case for Covid19

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Epidemiology personnel from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) are investigating the epistemological link of a worker at the Ophthalmological Clinic who tested positive for the covid-19 test.

The official, who had no symptoms, also works privately and decided on his own to take the test in a laboratory outside the Fund.

Dr. Maricela Salas Vargas, director of the Ophthalmological Clinic, explained that technical and administrative measures were taken.

“This official and 15 colleagues who had contact with him are being isolated. In the next few hours, these 15 workers will undergo the covid-19 test and will remain in their respective homes until the results are ready, ”explained Dr. Salas.

The doctor also confirmed that the care will be reorganized from this Thursday and does not rule out that surgeries have to be rescheduled, yes, they will prioritize the most urgent cases. On the other hand, the director stated that this Wednesday there will be cleaning and disinfection in some sectors of this specialized center.

The Ophthalmological Clinic intensified the protocols established by the Ministry of Health and the Caja from the first week of March when the first positive case for covid-19 was released in the country.

Officials from the Ophthalmological Clinic, epidemiology personnel from the Health Services Network of the North Central region and from the Clorito Picado Clinic, and epidemiology experts from the area, participate in the research, which is still active in this health facility. Epidemiological Surveillance to define high risk and low risk cases to define strategies to follow.

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