Covid status. June 1 +294 Cases, 56 people admitted, on Friday the commercial closings return.

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Al 1º de julio se alcanza un total de 3753 casos confirmados, con un rango de edad de cero a 96 años. Se trata de 1624 mujeres y 2129 hombres, de los cuales 2668 son costarricenses y 1085 son extranjeros.

Positive cases are recorded in 79 cantons. By age we have: 2942 adults, 182 older adults and 540 minors, 89 are under investigation.

There are 1516 people recovered in 74 cantons. Matina joining the list of cantons with cases recovered by COVID-19. The recovered cases have an age range of zero to 92 years, of which 698 are women and 818 are men, by age we have: 1231 adults, 68 older adults, 199 minors and 18 are under investigation.

There are 16 regrettable deaths, seven women and nine men with an age range of 26 to 89 years.

56 people are hospitalized, six of them in intensive care with an age range of 38 to 76 years.

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