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CCSS has paid 1,553 million colones in disabilities for covid-19

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) has canceled one thousand five hundred and thirty-three million colones (¢ 1 533,898,935.3) in payments for the disability subsidy to active insured persons who have received a sanitary isolation order for covid-19, announced the executive president of the institution, Dr. Román Macaya Hayes.

In total, 11,984 ballots have been issued, for a total of 93,315 days of disability, indicated the hierarch of the CCSS.

A total of 9,861 people have been disabled, with an average of 9.5 days per insured.

Dr. Macaya reported that of this total of disabled people, 3,528 correspond to CCSS officials and that of these 77 (2.18%) remained disabled as of the June 7 court.

Macaya Hayes highlighted that 97.81 percent of the officials who were in isolation returned to their work in their respective health centers. Unfortunately, an official who died is accounted for.

He added that of the 3,528 disabled CCSS workers, a total of 146 (4.13%) have tested positive for covid-19.

Dr. Román Macaya appealed to employers and workers, in which he urged that in this context in which “we are in a second wave, where cases are growing at a higher rate than the first” that employers and Workers insure themselves and can be protected, since these disabilities are essential for people who end up isolated in their homes, but he recalled that they apply to workers who are insured and who are isolated by sanitary order.

He added that “that is why it is so important that all employers insure their workers and that all workers verify their insurance, this is for the good of all as it protects both parties, both the employer and the workers so that they have a livelihood while in isolation.

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