With 49 votes in favor and none against, a law against street harassment is approved.

49 deputies approved in the first debate the Law against Street Sexual Harassment processed in file 20.299 This initiative defines “street sexual harassment” as all conduct or conduct with a sexual connotation and one-way, without the consent or acceptance of the person or people to whom it is addressed, with the potential to cause annoyance, discomfort, intimidation, humiliation, insecurity, fear and offense, which generally comes from a person unknown to the person receiving it and that takes place in public spaces or public access.

The Acción Respeto collective, promoter of the initiative against sexual harassment in the streets, demanded that the councils be more committed to citizen rights and in the exercise of their functions.

According to the Directorate of Legal Support, the most commonly used harassment on the streets is obscene words or acts, followed by exhibitionism and touching, and to a lesser extent disrespectful proposals and touching.

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