More than 3,000 carriers have used the merchandise entry mechanism established by the government

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More than 3,000 carriers have used the merchandise entry mechanism implemented by the government of the Republic as part of the operation, “Ruta Fiscal Sanitaria” that began in early June, reported the Minister of Security, Governance and Police , Michael Soto.

He added that today a total of 25 convoys have been deployed, of which 18 caravans made up of officers from various police forces have accompanied carriers from border to border and 7 to fiscal warehouses, the minister explained on Tuesday at a press conference. .

To date, 1,809 transport units have entered the different border posts in the country and 1,908 cargo vehicles have left, with Peñas Blancas and Paso Canoas being the points of greatest movement. All of them have been given strict control, ”said Soto, noting that those who did not have GPS installed have been escorted by police forces.

“Los últimos reportes del comportamiento terrestre apuntan a la normalización paulatina del flujo comercial durante la permanencia de los transportistas en nuestro territorio», dijo la ministra de Comercio Exterior, Dyalá Jimenéz. Foto Julieth Méndez (Casa Presidencial).

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Dyalá Jiménez, detailed the scope of the implementation of the agreement agreed with the Central American authorities. “The latest reports of land behavior point to the gradual normalization of the commercial flow during the permanence of carriers in our territory, with the follow-up of sanitary controls,” he said.

For her part, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, reiterated that the fundamental objective of these measures is to guarantee the health of citizens within a process of reactivation of land transportation of merchandise. She specified that it is a job of great coordination between various institutions that execute a series of strict sanitary guidelines so that both those who work in this process and the transporters themselves transit safely throughout the national territory and take care of the population’s health.

El ministro de Seguridad Pública, Gobernación y Policía, Michael Soto, detalló sobre los esfuerzos policiales que se realizan en las distintas fronteras del país. Foto Julieth Méndez (Casa Presidencial).

The Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, Michael Soto also recognized the work of the various government police forces as well as the Judiciary, who have been working in border areas for several months, ensuring the protection of national territory.

“The police forces of various State institutions are doing extraordinary work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, guaranteeing the sovereignty of the country and the health of the citizenry,” said the leader, highlighting the mystique with which these officials work in country name.

Arrests for vehicular health restriction. Minister Soto took the opportunity to report that Public Security officials have registered a total of 651 apprehensions for various crimes during vehicular health restriction, since the measure began on the previous March 24 with the purpose of preventing the covid-19 contagion.

The cantons with the highest record of detainees are the central San José (46), Pérez Zeledón (44), Liberia (39), and the central canton of Alajuela (35).

He explained that people have been detained for crimes such as illegal use of police insignia and insignia, assault with a weapon, reception, aggravated robbery, as well as resistance, psychotropic use, illegal carrying of a weapon, false documentation and forgery of seals, signs and marks among others. “We want to vehemently appeal to people to become aware of the situation in the country, respecting sanitary measures,” concluded the Minister of Public Security.

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