The following districts are placed on Orange alert due to the increase in cases by Covid19.

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  • In addition, they are subject to the differentiated vehicle restriction from Monday to Sunday from 5 p.m. 5 am.
  • Also, special regulation of establishments with sanitary operating permit will apply.
  • Measures will take effect from today at midnight.

This Sunday the Government of the Republic announced that -on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health- the National Emergency Commission (CNE) established an orange alert by COVID-19 for the La Fortuna district in San Carlos and the cantons of Pococí and Upala.

Likewise, they will be subject to the differentiated vehicle restriction, which applies from Monday to Sunday from 5 p.m. at 5 a.m., explained Alexander Solís, Executive President of the National Emergency Commission.

He added that establishments with sanitary operating permits will also have special regulations, which may operate from Monday to Friday from 5:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. And the weekends. The time restriction does not apply to supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery stores, suppliers and health services, as well as those establishments exceptionally enabled by the Ministry of Health.

Measures will take effect from this Sunday, June 7 at midnight.

Complete list of cantons and districts with differentiated vehicle restrictions are:

  1. Guatuso. 
  2. Guácimo, específicamente el distrito de Duacarí. 
  3. La Cruz. 
  4. Los Chiles. 
  5. Pococí.
  6. Río Cuarto. 
  7. San Carlos,specifically the districts of La Fortuna, Venecia, Aguas Zarcas, Cutris, Pital and Pocosol.
  8. Sarapiquí, specifically the districts of Llanuras del Gaspar and Curuña.
  9. Siquirres, specifically the Pacuarito and Reventazón districts.
  10. Upala
  11. San Ramón, specifically the Peñas Blancas district
  12. Abangares, specifically the Las Juntas district.
  13. Cañas, specifically the districts of Cañas and Bebedero

Districts with orange alert, differentiated vehicle restriction and special regulation of establishments with sanitary operating permits include:

  1. Pococí
  2. Peñas Blancas (San Ramón)
  3. Cañas y Bebedero (Cañas)
  4. Las Juntas (Abangares).
  5. Los Chiles (Los Chiles).
  6. La Fortuna (San Carlos)
  7. Upala

Take into account that the routes excepted from differentiated vehicle restrictions and that are subject to the vehicle restriction of Executive Decree number 42253-MOPT-S of March 24, 2020 are:

  1. 1 (Ruta Interamericana Norte)
  2. 6 (Cañas-Upala)
  3. 142 (Cañas-Tilarán-La Fortuna) 
  4. 702 (San Ramón – La Fortuna)
  5. 18 (Abangares-Nicoya)
  6. 32 (Braulio Carrillo)

As for the restriction of access to navigation in rivers, which applies from Monday to Sunday, from 5:00 pm to 5:00 a.m., they are:

  1. Medio Queso
  2. Frío
  3. Sistema de Canalización del Caribe Norte (Canales de Tortuguero)
  4. Colorado
  5. Sarapiquí 
  6. San Carlos

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