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Costa Rica must request peace corps at its borders to protect the population from the Coronavirus. Petition Signature.

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Costa Rica must recognize the health and humanitarian disaster in Nicaragua and the threat it poses to our country. And request immediate help from the UN Peace Corps to monitor the country’s borders.

Open letter to the government of the Republic and all its powers.

We cannot sin as pious. The residents of this country, Costa Rican or not, have sacrificed a great deal and abided by each and every one of the recommended health measures so as to lose it due to the negligence of neighboring mismanagement. Who writes lives in love with this land, its people and our lifestyle.

We endorse the phrase “Blessed is the Costa Rican mother who knows that her son will never be a soldier at birth.” Costa Rica’s vocation for peace, education, health and refuge is ours and part of the Costa Rican identity; as much ours as coffee, aguadulce, Gallo Pinto and ¡Pura Vida !. When the world fell to its knees due to the virus, Costa Rica reacted, understood and behaved at the height of an intelligent and disciplined country.

We did well and we deserve a reward.

Thousands of musicians and artists cancel concerts, goats, presentations, rehearsals because we understand that the common good is above the personal good.

Thousands of businesses in the tourism sector, hotels, cabins, tour operators, guides, transporters and more we accept without complaint, nor criticize the devastating reality of having to close borders. Even knowing that the main income of the country is tourism.

Thousands of restaurants closed for months and hundreds closed forever. Because we understood that food security is more important to our business, despite the fact that he supported thousands of now unemployed families.

A million people who applied for the “Protect Bonus” accepted the uncertainty and the promise to flatten the curve. Because we understood that our neighbor is none other than ourselves.

Because we grow knowing that we will not be soldiers, that education is a right, universal and compulsory free. And that health is an asset of the people, undeniable, universal and expensive to maintain. As valuable as the diversity and nature of these 51,100km2. We sacrifice the present to guarantee ourselves a future as the heroes of ’56, the Social Guarantors48 and the founders of the republic of ’49 once did.

We had our litmus test and passed it. We all pledged our present 3 months ago to reap what we had achieved until 15 days ago.

Instead of asking for cheap loans, let’s ask for boots and hands to work.

Costa Rica never lost an army. She gained education, health, work and peace. But before the negligence of the Nicaraguan regime, which threatens the sovereignty and stability of our land and with it the health and life of our fathers, mothers, grandparents, grandmothers, brothers, sisters and children. We must accept the limits of our defense capacity.

In such a situation, we must make use of the tools of peace that the international community makes available to those who observe adequate democratic procedures. Time to call the UN peacekeepers! Every minute that passes without doing so risks the life of a citizen and the achievements of 200 years of independent living.

The metaphor of the end of time.

They invade us and the apocalypse is coming! The question is: if the government of Costa Rica is willing to hear the sound of the trumpets and act quickly to avoid it?

We are invaded by the virus and with it the Plague Rider: from a neighboring government that denied health and science to its people. And it has not dedicated itself to anything other than encouraging mass marches in what seems to be a clear attempt at genocide. Making their compatriots fall unconscious but dead on streets that closely resemble ours …

We are invaded by the virus and with it the Horseman of Death: it has cost him at least 7 deputies from his own government and a dozen of his related officials. Death that buries hundreds at night, in silence, in coffins without a candle, without a name, without identity and without a cause of death, only death. And that he hopes that the government of Costa Rica does nothing to continue on its way to the South …

We are invaded by the virus and with it the Rider of War: from a neighboring government that as recently as 2018 raised weapons against its own and killed at least 309 people and disappeared several thousand more. A government that romanticizes the guerrillas and accuses those who dare to think differently of enemies. And when he doesn’t shoot, he hits his people with misery that forces them to flee looking for better days …

We are invaded by the virus and with it the Rider of Famine: from a neighboring government that closed the borders to the goods of an entire region if things were not done as they wanted, including. The fact that tests were not applied to their carriers … While more than 50 of these, from Nicaragua, tested positive and where one was only responsible for infecting at least 18 more people on Costa Rican soil. And thousands of carriers were stranded, without water, without food.

We are not related to religious metaphors. But the similarity is exceptional … The Trumpets sound and it is not clear to us if the Bicentennial Government wants to hear them.

And there will be those who accuse us of radicals, for making the mathematically correct decision.

Our call is not xenophobia, it is not radical. We are the same, we are children of the earth, of an America stained with blood and Costa Rica is the result of heroic actions of common men and women at the right times. Our Panamanian brothers have suffered thousands of patients and more than 400 deaths and we do not feel a threat to them, just as we do not threaten them. The danger is not the nation, nor the flag, it is the dictator behind the apocalypse.

Our call is to protect our health, stability and way of life with the same passion and conviction with which we protect nature. If we ensure our well-being faster and better, we can then -when the situation allows- offer our friendly hand, help and refuge as it is and will be our conviction.

Every minute of inaction threatens our healthcare workers, every doctor, nurse and janitor who bravely stepped forward into the uncertainty of March. Like Juan Santamaría running towards the inn without fear of bullets. Every day, every minute, every second of inaction is one more bullet that we allow to be fired at them. And it is a huge lack of respect for all of us that for them and for us we stay at home to defend the homeland.

Every day, every minute, every second of inaction. It is one more day of closed borders, of empty restaurants, of unemployment of parents’ anguish for not knowing if tomorrow they will be able to put food on the plate of their children.

Every day, every minute, every second of inaction. It is a sentence of unemployment and uncertainty, of distance, of not being able to see our boyfriends, friends, it is one day a month away from school, college, university, from coworkers. It is an undeserved sentence and therefore the definition of injustice as those that it was already necessary to impose on the northern part of our country. (See map of active cases below)

We make our request with the statistics in hand, with the numbers that speak and do not know of race, sex, religion, or nationality.

Below we leave the percentage increases and net graphs from May 16 to May 31. Where it is shown that the provinces with the highest increase were Alajuela and Guanacaste, these provinces had cantons with increases well above 100% of Cases in a span of only 15 days.

San Ramón +153%
Libería +200%
La Cruz +500%

Don’t misunderstand our message. We are very grateful to the Ministries of Health, Security and Commerce and to each public official and institutions such as the CCSS, the INS, the Assembly, the OIJ and others. And especially with every ordinary citizen who showed maturity and wisdom when facing an impossible event. Our intention is to show the need and the premuera of the moment that approaches us.

What is written here does not necessarily reflect the thinking of the people, producers, artists and artisans who offer their products and services through Paradise Products Costa Rica. And we do not intend to take an open political position. What is written here is our most sincere opinion and what we consider is the call that our Homeland makes to us to defend it and the human rights of each and every one of the inhabitants of this nation.

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