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This year’s pilgrimage canceled.

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The Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica has announced today that the traditional pilgrimage to Cartago that takes place every August 2 to visit the patron saint of Costa Rica, the Virgin of Los Angeles has been canceled in response to the epidemic situation by Covid19 suffered in Costa Delicious.

Despite the fact that the situation and the development of the disease in Costa Rica has a positive trend and that the government has given a plan in 4 phases for the return to a quasi-normal activity. The massive nature of the pilgrimage has been vehemently discouraged by the health authorities and this opinion has been correctly adhered to by the church authorities.

Traditionally, the pilgrimage is attended by about 2 million people each year on a journey that begins from the Cathedral of San José and to the Basilica of the Angels, although it is also quite common to find groups of pilgrims who leave all parts of the country in pilgrimages that take days to complete. On these dates, the Básilica, its square and the surroundings are full of faithful, curious and strollers who join the crowds.

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