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Israeli Institute managed to isolate antibody that fights Covid19.  

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The Israeli Defense Minister announced that the Israeli Institute for Biological Research was able to isolate a responsible antibody capable of neutralizing the Coronavirus Covid19, responsible for the Sars-Cov2 disease.

Naftali Bennett Minister of Defense announced that on Monday he visited the institute where he was informed of “significant discovery” that would allow the potential development of an antidote or treatment to combat the deadly virus that to date has been proven, if proven effective. more than 255,000 lives worldwide since its still uncertain origin in Wuhan China

Shmuel Shapira, director of the Institute, said that the formula is being patented at this time and once this step is completed, its mass production and distribution will begin. The antibody is monoclonal therefore it was obtained from a single cell and not from a conglomerate of cells from different patients as it happens in the case of convalescent plasma sera. The monoclonal characteristic would allow us to synthesize the specific behavior of the antibody in the cell and order the execution of the same clusters in other individuals without mediating their blood type and blood plasma.

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