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Covid-19 general Progress

Covid-19 status. +6 Positive Cases +16 Recovered.

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As of April 23, 687 cases confirmed by COVID-19 are registered, with an age range of one to 87 years. There are 329 women and 358 men, of whom 620 are Costa Rican and 67 foreigners.

Positive cases are recorded in 59 cantons of the seven provinces. By age we have: 618 adults, 35 seniors and 34 minors.positivos en 59 cantones de las siete provincias. Por edad tenemos: 618 adultos, 35 adultos mayores y 34 menores de edad.

At this time 8,032 people have been discarded, 196 are registered as recovered with an age range of one to 86 years, of which 97 are women and 99 are men, by age we have: 171 adults, 13 older adults and 12 minors old. Recovered cases are counted in 44 cantons of the seven provinces, with Alajuela being the canton that reports the most cases for a total of 42 people.

There are six regrettable deaths, all men with an age range of 45 to 87 years.

13 people are hospitalized, of which eight of them are in intensive care and five in the salon, with an age range of 44 to 76 years.

To date, a total of 12 073 samples have been processed.

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