BCIE grants $ 1 million to Costa Rica to attend COVID-19 emergency

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The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) granted Costa Rica a non-reimbursable cooperation of $ 1 million to address the health emergency in the country in the face of the global pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, reported the president of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care (CNE), Alexander Solís.

The resources – which are already in the country – will be used to expand the operational capacity of the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Teaching in Nutrition and Health (INCIENSA), in the detection and confirmation of suspected cases in patients.

In addition, they will be used to purchase personal protective equipment for officials who work in emergency care and public safety institutions. “The purpose of these funds is to be able to protect and care for the people who work in the care centers, the patients and their families,” said Solís.

Part of the million dollars donated by CABEI will also be used for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies, food and primary use goods required by the affected people, financing of campaigns and actions related to the care of the emergency and damages, preparation and response, surveillance and others that require attention.

The executive president of the CNE explained that a tract of the funds will go to the deep cleaning program of educational centers and priority institutions that are being used for emergency care.

From the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, it was reported that a total of $ 8 million was allocated, with $ 1 million distributed to each country in Central America, including Belize, to provide support to the region. It is the largest non-reimbursable financial cooperation that CABEI has approved in its 60-year history.

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