Uruguayan engravers present their works at Museo Calderón Guardia

The Calderón Guardia Museum opens its exhibition halls to the work of three generations of Uruguayan engravers, which are presented under the name “Uruguayan Creole and graphic figuration 2020”.

The exhibition opens to the public on Tuesday, February 4, at 7 p.m., at MCG facilities, in Barrio Escalante. The artist Pedro Peralta offers the most pieces, including engravings, paintings and charcoal; Lacy Duarte (1927-2015), provides engravings of what was his most recent production; while Florencia de Palleja completes the show.

Through different languages, but with a common thread, these artists are in the desire to express their sensibilities of reality through their expressions and artistic abilities, as reported by the MCG.

Fernando Sandín Tusso, ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Costa Rica, said that “sharing art is of singular importance for our management in Costa Rica, since it pursues the same objective as the rest of the actions of our representation in the country: deepen the approach and enrich mutual knowledge among our peoples, between our creators and their sensibilities. ”

“As in Costa Rica, our greatest wealth is our citizens and their talent. Any exercise of professional and integral diplomacy must embrace the cultural dimension, since it helps to encourage other dialogues, generates trust, interest and respect in the values ​​of the other, ”said the ambassador.

“Monteabel”, Pedro Peralta

“Having the work of these three Uruguayan artists is a great opportunity to keep an eye on current events and artistic creation in Uruguay,” said the director of the Calderón Guardia Museum, Luis Nuñez Bohórquez, who added that it is an “eclectic work that with those Different techniques and reflection of personalities contribute to the history of art. The painting highlights the inclusion of art icons such as ‘Las Meninas’, with unusual elements, such as a can of Campbell soup, resenting in a new sense of magical realism. It is a pleasure for the MCG to coordinate with the Uruguayan Embassy in the country to show in our galleries, the work of these artists; especially Pedro Peralta, with all the projection of his Workshop of Good Memory ”.

With over 37 years of artistic career, Pedro Peralta presents a sensitive and controversial world in the environment of everyday development, highlights the extraordinary reality and incorporates new dimensions. He has great experience in woodcut and wood engraving. “All engraving techniques exert a seduction without limits on me. Perhaps because of its approach to the artisanal. The most important thing for me is the blank work, whose destiny is to be attacked again and again, with the same attitude of children play. That is why engraving is magical to me; I communicate much more directly than in other techniques, ”Peralta said.

“Peralta is Uruguayan, or oriental, as we like to call ourselves, but his creations are universal, his pictorial language is influenced not only by the great masters of the past, but also by the great enlightened values; Nothing comes from nothing, everything has a starting point in your work. Peralta’s creations recreate the virtue of the past that obsess and fascinate him and with them he seeks to illuminate our senses. It is his path to virtue and at the same time a tribute to the past, while reflecting on the time in history that we have to live, ”said the ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Costa Rica.

Florencia de Palleja

The exhibition “Uruguayan Creole and graphic figuration 2020”, is organized by the Uruguayan Embassy in Costa Rica, with the support of the Fund for the Promotion of Cultural Activities Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country. The work will be available at the Calderón Guardia Museum until February 21, 2020. The schedule is from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. Admission is free for all audiences.

Pedro Peralta Since 1994 he has been teaching at the Workshop of Good Memory, of which he is founder with Lacy Duarte and Edgardo Flores, teaching engraving, drawing and painting. He has made exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. He has also been a juror in several national and international engraving awards. Among the awards he has received, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Inc. scholarship, awarded to the artist in 2017, stands out. Peralta defines himself as a homo ludis, what he enjoys most is the creative process and the game as an approach to the sensitive part intimate He was born in 1961, in Salto, Uruguay.

Lacy Duarte (1937-2015) Uruguayan artist. It was developed in various fields of art such as engraving, painting and tapestry. Rediscover his artistic sensibilities in the last five years of life through engraving, adapting this technique to his expressive needs, generating a series called “Pintujos”, which was exhibited as a posthumous work. He starred in the Uruguay Pavilion at the 51 Venice Biennale (2005), and won several prizes of great national prestige in Uruguay as the Figari Prize (2002). He made exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. In honor of his career today there is an art room that bears his name in Beijing, China.

Florencia de Palleja It is part of the new generation of Uruguayan artists and has made several individual and collective exhibitions. He began his training at the Alsó Workshop, in the Uruguayan city of Rivera. He currently participates in the Good Memory Workshop as a teaching assistant for drawing, painting and engraving techniques (etching, aquatint, mezzotint and collagraph). He is in the final year of the Visual Communication Design career at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of the Republic. She is the director of the graphic development and communication department of the Good Memory Workshop. He was born in 1996 in Rivera, Uruguay.

Fotografías: 1. “La lluvia cae sobre Montevideo hoy como ayer”, Pedro Peralta | 2. “Monteabel”, Pedro Peralta | 3. Lacy Duarte | 4. Florencia de Palleja


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