A particular graphic proposal that shows some of the main identity traits most characteristic of the Alajuela procince is what you will be able to see when visiting the exhibition “Alajuela and its people proud of their memory”. The exhibition opened on 18th December at the Juan Santamaría Historic and Cultural Museum, which is located at the heart of Alajuela city.

Captured on posters, the exhibition summarizes all the hard-working process of investigation and design related to the social and cultural identity of “being from Alajuela”, through a graphic ensamble that combines allusions to representative geographic zones of the province, historical facts, iconic people, sayings and customs.

This exhibition was developed within the optional course “Posters” 2019, as part of the “Programme of Art and design management and promotion for the cultural strengthening of Alajuela province and the neighboring zones”, from the studies of Graphic Design of the University of Costa Rica.

The exhibition gathers posters of 40×60 cm, done with diverse techniques printed on digital format and elaborated by the students Vilma Alfaro, Gilberto Araya, Janel Artavia, Juan David Bardales, David Espinoza, Alondra González, Diana Hernández, Katherine López, Jasmín Ortega, Iris Porras, Jimena Rodríguez, Katherine Rodríguez, Kary Soto y Jazmín Vargas.

“Alajuela and its people proud of their memory” will be available to the public until 19th April 2020. The admission is free.