2020 “Festival de la Luz” canceled due to Coronavirus.

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The Municipality of San José, communicates to the Josefina and Costa Rican citizens that, for obvious reasons, linked to the emergency due to the pandemic by COVID-19, as well as its sanitary, social, economic and human impact, it is forced to cancel the 2020 edition of the Festival of Light.

For the Mayor of San José, Johnny Araya Monge, the situation is too complex, from the health and financial point of view, to continue organizing an activity that may not even be possible, since it is unpredictable to know the evolution of the The SARS-COV-2 coronavirus spread in Costa Rica in December, so there is a risk that it will not be allowed by the Ministry of Health.

“Our priority is to focus all our efforts and our resources on attending to this serious emergency, not only to guarantee essential public services, but also to be able to continue with initiatives to care for socially vulnerable populations, which are going through a very difficult time. difficult and require all our solidarity and empathy, “he said.

Araya explained that he understands the importance for the Josefina and Costa Rican citizens of the Festival of Light, which is the most anticipated activity of Christmas and loved by Costa Ricans, which fills families with joy, with special emphasis on the More smalls; However, he underlined the complicated financial situation of the local government, as well as the uncertainty about the situation of the spread of the coronavirus, as the elements that led to this decision.

Despite the recent approval of the “Law to Support the Local Taxpayer and Strengthen the Financial Management of Municipalities in the Face of the National Emergency due to the COVID-19 Pandemic”, the reality is that the slowdown in the economy, which has had very serious consequences serious effects on the employment and quality of life of many people, has significantly impacted the income of the city council, so it is necessary to make an effective and efficient administration, in order to be able to remain at the forefront in the fight against this local problem , national and world.

Likewise, activities such as the cap, carnival and the Zapote celebrations will be subject to authorization by the Ministry of Health.

Mayor Araya stated that, once this emergency situation has passed, the local government is committed to resuming the celebration of the Festival of Light and all other activities, which are essential for the recreation and culture of citizens. Josefinos and Costa Ricans.

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