Zarcero’s Municipal Band is ready to bring the “pura vida” to the Rose Parade

The traditional Rose Parade that is carried out every 1st of January in Pasadena, California in the United States will display during this 2020 edition with the participation of 250 youngsters that make up Zarcero’s Municipal Band and that will have the honor of representing Costa Rica and Latin America in this internationally famous parade.

Elesban Rodríguez, director and founder of Zarcero’s Municipal Band said they are currently working on logistics since the musical preparation of the members of the group is already completed thanks to the hard work of the past months.

Regarding the music they will share during the parade, Rodríguez said: “During the parade we will exhibit Costa Rican music and also the tasty latino flavor, wih much joy; we want to prove that Costa Ricans, and latinos generaly speaking, are happy and joyful. This is what we want to show to the international community and to the public during the parade: the happiness of being Costa Rican”.

“Our show is called ‘We are Costa Rica’ and with it we want to share our essence with the public, specially with the Costa Rican brothers that will watch us both from the United States and from Costa Rica. We are Costa Rican and we feel proud of our culture, our music, our traditions and that is precisely the message we want to transmit: that we feel proud of being Costa Rican”, added the director.  

Banda Municipal de Zarcero

Rodríguez mentioned that the show for the Rose Parade, on top of the valuable contribution from each one of the members, is possible thanks to the support of many public and private organizations, such as the Government (through the Ministry of Culture and Youth), the country brand “Esencial Costa Rica”, the National Bank, the Insurance National Institue, Epson, Copa Airlines, Armabloque Sistemas de Construcción, Helados Sensación, Purdy Motor, Bakery La Zarcereña and Coopecar R.L., among others.

Additionally, Zarcero’s Municipal Band’s director highlighted the important contribution of Ronald Araya, the mayor of Zarcero who has accompanied the project since the beginning, and of city council.

Finally, the director stated that the participation in the Rose Parade has opened many doors to the band, reason why they have received invitations to do presentations in Mexico and Colombia.


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