Marge finally got her perfect vacation. The Simpsons came to Costa Rica.

The Simpson arrive in Paradise. Yes they did… Well the yellowest family of all took a break. After several misadventures in different countries. The Simpson leave Springfield to visit the Paradise.

Marged was invited by the Van Hountens, to travel. For a family vacation. And Marge could not hold it together screaming Costa Rica at the tops of her lungs.

As soon as they arrive the first thing they learn was the “Pura Vida.” An expression that usually sticks with the visitors. They recieve a quite accurate explanation… “Pura Vida” means Pure Life. “Something than more than a expression is an state of mind”

All the family and cast seam to have had a great time. Staying in a place were according to them:

“There is pristine rainforest home to 5% of the species on earth! … In a land where it’s normal for kids to carry machetes!”

Marge Simpson

Sadly Homer let the howler monkeys inside the house. Action destroy the house. Let that serve as a reminder to leave the animals in the wild and appreciate them from a safe distance 😉

In the end Marge wanted a photo that would for all her friends to be Jealous of her… We are sure she got a couple… And when are you visiting Paradise.


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