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Here in Paradise Products Costa Rica we got a compromise the propagation of the History and Culture of Costa Rica. While very well known by its impressive nature Costa Rica. Also has several vibrant cities. Sometimes avoid by tourists because of its image of messy and bit chaotic. (A stigma share by many latin american cities.) This not really flattery image of our cities could be interpreted as a reflection of some hard realities. But this is not the complete picture.

Moreover the opposite to this. is even more true. Than the messy and disorganized impression many people have of the cities of San José, Alajuela, Cartago and Heredia. Aiming the help revisited the image carry by our beloved capital city San José is that we are extremely glad to share with our clients and readers that one of the best City Tour agencies of Costa Rica is working with Paradise Products Costa Rica.

Carpe Chepe offers a variety of unique tours and experiences with the best tour guides. More than 20.000 thousand clients can not be wrong. We are very proud to announce that the following tours and activities are now available to purchase at our website. And also on our affiliate business La Casas del Cacao de Costa Rica.

In future entries we are going to be explaining more about each tour, the activities and why San José is now a mandatory stop to any visitor to Costa Rica.

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