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LOS NEOTICS is a Costa Rican group of funk and soul, focused mainly on playing their own versions of classics from the 70’s.

Founded in 2002, by the singer, Robert Aguilar, one of the pioneers of soul and funk music in his native Costa Rica.

Since its inception the band has always been characterized by a heavy, moored and groovy sound. Thanks to the contribution and great influence of the first line up of the group: Luis Alonso Naranjo (Keyboards), Fernando Alvarado (Battery), Alberto Chotocruz (Bass) , Edgar Sequeira (Guitar) and Robert Aguilar (Voice).

The repertoire of the band includes versions of themes by artists like James Brown, The Meters, Jaco Pastorious, The Headhunters, Earth, Wind and Fire, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield , among other great ones.

Shortly after the band was founded. Pianist Luis Alonso Naranjo left the group to start what was his own group, Escats. With whom he recorded several albums, and Edgar Sequeira, the original guitarist of Los Neotics, moved to the United States to to finish his studies in guitar- And that is when the legendary Tim Dunford (Greasy D) a Canadian guitarist based in Costa Rica and founder of Retro Tone Guitars enters the group. Tim remained as guitarist of the band from that moment and until the band stopped playing regularly around 2016.

It did not take long for the band to arm themselves with winds section. And for the group had host several of the best Costa Rican and Cuban saxophonists and trombonists as: Luis Nubiola, Aldo Salvent, Sebas Castro, Andrey Cruz, José Pablo Chaves, among others.

Other musicians who have collaborated constantly with Los Neotics are bassist Nelson Segura (Escats, Los Ajenos), singers Angela Urbina and Tamela Hedstrom and pianist Mike Calvo.

During the early 2000 and until approximately 2016, Los Neotics kept playing and offering concerts with the majority of their original line up that was: Fernando Alvarado (Drums), Alberto Chotocruz (Bass), Tim Dunford (Guitar), Robert Aguilar ( Voice), Sebas Castro (Sax) and Andrey Cruz (Trombone).

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Currently, Robert Aguilar, singer and founder of Los Neotics is one of the most active artists on the local scene, is a singer of the blues band The Midnights and also of the Jazz quintet Dr. Soul. He is also a renowned producer, collector and curator of vinyl records. Work that he does through Black Beat. A project dedicated to promoting the culture of listening to music in vinyl format.

 The Neotics Funk and Soul are:

Robert Aguilar – Lead Voice
(Dr. Soul, The Midnights, Black Beat)

Andrés Cordero – Bass and Choirs
(Infibeat, Mentors, The Midnights)

Alejandro Chacón – Guitar and Choirs
(IO, Eye of Ox)

Adrián Ávila – Battery
(Social Club, Killer Diller, Carthage Symphony Orchestra)

Pedro León – Hammond organ and keyboards
(A Red Reggae Band, Killer Diller)

Marcelo Rodríguez – Saxophone
(Social Club, Dr. Soul, Lunar Orchestra, Dread Force)

Andrés Cervilla – Trombone
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