200 families from the Las Vegas indigenous community in Corredores make their way.

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“More than 25 years we wait this way. Before, access was very difficult and now we can easily go down to Santa Rosa because here is the school and college, so that our children can study and also go to the Fire, which is the community where the Ebais is closest. ”

In this way, Alexis Zurdo, president of the Las Vegas Community Association, referred to it after the Rural Development Institute (Inder) handed over to the residents the new access road to the area developed in conjunction with the Municipality of Corredores and whose investment was approximately ₡ 212 million.

The improvement of the route will allow to have a communication channel between the Las Vegas indigenous community, located in Laurel de Corredores and Santa Rosa on the southern border. Other families from neighboring towns are benefited, such as Alto Comte and El Progreso, belonging to the Alto Comte-Burica Indigenous Territory.

With these works, the living conditions of some 200 families are considerably improved. It is a fundamental way to access basic education, health, food, and trade services and to get agricultural production out of the area.

The work consisted of the improvement of the 3.5 kilometer route, as well as the rehabilitation of the drainage system. The project was developed thanks to the work of the Inder Territorial Development Office in Paso Canoas and promoted by the Territorial Council of Osa- Golfito-Corredores, with the support of the neighborhood associations of Las Vegas and the Comte Burica Indigenous Territory.

“The situation that our country is experiencing due to the Covid-19 does not stop the work that the Inder must continue doing in the country’s rural territories, especially if it concerns indigenous peoples,” said the institution’s executive president, Harys Regidor. Barboza.

He added that this path will allow the residents greater facilities to move to health centers to receive medications and medical attention aimed at the prevention and treatment of this type of circumstances and will facilitate access to important population centers in the area such as Naranjo, Laurel and Paso Canoas.

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