20% of 109 of the Farms and packing plants in the northern zone do not comply with sanitary regulations

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In the operation, more than 109 farms and agricultural packing houses have already been visited, of which more than 80% comply with sanitary requirements and are up to date with all the obligations that govern them in labor, immigration and phytosanitary matters.

The cases of non-compliance are distributed as follows: 7 cases are from the root and tuber sector, 7 cases are from the fruit sector and 3 are from other activities.

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Coincidentally, the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Ana Cristina Quirós Soto, indicated that it has been confirmed that a large number of companies in the sector are complying with the sanitary guidelines, as well as with the labor, immigration and phytosanitary regulations that govern them. “First of all we want to highlight the high compliance of the agricultural sector in the area; and secondly, the inter-institutional work that different entities have carried out in this process, ”said the hierarch.

“We are very satisfied with the openness of the sector and the willingness to receive public officials to review compliance with sanitary measures, we have seen the compliance of most and others with opportunities for improvement,” added the vice minister.

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