2 New Architectonic Patrimonies for Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s Architectonic Patriomony add two new members to the family. Since the 18th of September 2019.

The newcomers are. Guayabo National Monument and The Old Sanitary Unite of San Marcos of Tarrazú. After the solicitation were made and properly fulfil by a citizen endeavour. The declaration for both were publish in La Gaceta Nº176

Guayabo National Monument.

“Guayabos National Monument is one of the places in Costa Rica that shows one of the highest degrees in sociocultural development achieved by the pre columbian societies.” According to the decree Nº 41876-C. That decleres it as Historical and Architectonic Patrimony. And acknowledges its monumental characteristics. And represents the Cacical organization.

“Guayabo in Turrialba, posses a unique and exceptional architectonic complexity. With elements such as platforms above ground level, roads, pavers and even an aqueduct and drainage for rainwater. “ In addition to this. This site possesses an important collection of pretrogrifs. That is evidence of a system of communication that goes back to the second millenium BCE

This unique site has been a “National Monument” since 1973. Via a declaration made by the Senate, this had to be made because there was no law that properly define a “National Patrimony.” But in addition to this in 2009. It was decleared as “World Engineering Heritage” by the American Association of Civil Engineers ASCE. As a recognition to the people who managed to design, develop and maintain such a complex system of aqueducts.

With this new decree and protected under the Law 7555. Guayabo National Monument enters a condition that joins it with other landmarks of Costa Rica as El Farallón, Isla San Lucas and Sitio Guardiria. While also achieving more relevance due to the complexity in history, architecture and cultural representation of the pre columbian societies of Costa Rica.

Antigua Unidad Sanitria de San Marcos de Tarrazú.

For the Antigua Unidad Sanitaria de San Marcos de Tarrazú. The Decree Nº418877-C. Reads that this building is a brick construction made between 1941 and 1942. With influence of the Colonial Period and that holds historical value for the people in the area.

The building is a testiomony to the efforts to expand the public health for the cantones around the Valley de los Santos. “It is a symbol of the efforts of the community to fight against diseases, securing the life and providing health and wellbeing”

In addition to this the building enjoys a remarkable state of preservation. Which helps with the declaration. Maintaining it relevant and in good condition for the future generation to appreciate.

Of this Patrimonies only few remain in the area. Some of those are the León Cortés Castro School, the Catholic Church, and the Antigua Unidad Sanitaria.” Old located around the park making of San Marcos a heritage city for the Country.

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