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199 years of independent life. New cloudy 200 years later.

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Today our beloved homeland, Costa Rica and the 5 sister countries of the isthmus are celebrating 199 years of independent life. Costa Rica in particular is a gem to the world. The entire team at Paradise Products Costa Rica lives in love with this unique land, without equal. This company in itself is a love letter to our country that has allowed us some standards of living that could even be considered rare and quite unique in the area where we are located.

365 days after turning 200 and after not being able to celebrate independence this year due to the pandemic, it is useful to step aside for a moment and reflect on what would those people who received the independence letter 199 years ago think if they saw Costa Rica today ?

As we well know the news of independence was unexpected, Costa Rica found itself independent overnight. Although the winds of autonomy were blowing both to the south and north of the continent, the war of independence was lived in Mexico and in Guatemala, Costa Rica barely sent military personnel, more as a show of solidarity than as an act of sedition.

For those times, the province of Costa Rica was a small agricultural and livestock area, with an insignificant population that was not worth even to have its own archbishopric. Political control was concentrated in the north, in Guatemala and León Nicaragua was the southern administrative assistant of the captaincy.

Along with independence, León sent a letter trying to reduce the impact of the news, where he recommended “waiting for the cloudy day to clear up.” Today 199 years later, a new fog is deposited and settles in the region and on our land.

A pandemic has uprooted thousands of people from the world and destroyed the jobs and livelihoods of several hundred thousand more. The precious stability was wrenched from the hands of an already paved road. Costa Rica although and to date the country in Central America that has best managed to face the pandemic. It has avoided early hospital collapses and met the plague with science and solidarity.

However, it has been terribly hit by business closures imposed to reduce the impact of the disease. Thousands of businesses have closed their doors never to open them again, unable to cope with the very high operating costs, social charges and acquired debts. In addition, and as if that were not enough, the carefree attitude of several governments adds to this situation of uncertainty and hopelessness a very high external debt motivated by excessive and simply corrupt public spending.

Paradise Products Costa Rica joins the uneasiness of thousands of unemployed people and bankrupt entrepreneurs for whom each new day adds anguish and the weight of uncertainty. We, too, have been beaten more than we have managed to hold on. We are resilient like the nature that fills us, beaches, mountains and rivers. And it is our commitment, reason and mission to be allies of the brave entrepreneurs of this country and our commitment far from changing now remains stronger and more alive than ever.

There is a lot to celebrate and a lot to think about.

Even so, we imagine that that Carthaginian council would be proud to know of the miracles worked by the Clodomiro Picado Institute, proud of our health system and calm to know the solidarity, brotherhood, brotherhood and discipline with which a country without an army has faced a pandemic modern.

The future is cloudy but we know well, where and on what foundations we are standing. Costa Rica spends more money on education than the rest of the countries in the region spends on defense. Our health and sanitary system is solid, at the level of developed countries, our nature and environmental awareness are a shield against the worst enemy that humanity faces, climate change. And even in times of extreme decisions, social rights and human freedoms prevailed over curfews and martial law.

Our foundations are strong. But from now on we must fight not only to move forward and seek a safe and fair path in the midst of the cloudy days of the new day, but to work to reinforce the foundations that defined our present and that will undoubtedly sustain our future.

Costa Ricans today, the homeland that cared for us, fed us and healed us for 199 years calls us to be patriotic, responsible and courageous. Brave because we will have to rebuild what this year took. There are thousands of people who need work, employment, security and a hot meal.

We will move forward and as heroes that we barely remember today, they faced brave unprecedented uncertainties such as the war of 56, the plague of cholera, the creation of social guarantees or the abolition of the army. Today it is up to us to make history, then to become history so that 200 years after these letters, whoever reads or writes about us sees us as founders of a happy future and as the inspiration to face the clouds that a new day may bring. .

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