[:en]195 years of Independent life.[:]

[:en]The 15th of September is a very special date for all the countries that once belong to the Capitanía General de Guatemala and for extension to the Viceroyalty of New Spain. For Central America the independence process dates back to the 15th of September 1821. When the independence act was signed. But to depict events to more accurately we will have to further back to the 16th of September 1810 in Mexico.

It all began with “El Grito de Dolores”. When the priest Miguel Hidalgo rang the bells of the parish of Dolores and with the help of Ignacio Allende and Juan Adalma. Then ask the parishioners to raise against the Viceroyalty and against Spain itself. At the beginning it was just a casual uproar. But it started a snowball effect and a revolution. Mexico would have to fight until 27 of September of 1821 in a 11 years revolution, that took the life of thousands of people.



Meanwhile for Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The independence happened peacefully (in comparison to the rest of the continent). The Viceroyalty of New Spain was to busy dealing with the Mexican revolution. And by the 15th of September of 1821. The once proud Mexican army, was soon to be demolish. So they have no time care about the rest of the provinces. Further more army that was located in provinces have been long gone to reinforce the Viceroyalty lines. And so the Independence was declare pretty much unilaterally in Guatemala. As a funny note. NOT A SINGLE SOUL IN COSTA RICA HAD ANY IDEA OF WHAT HAD HAPPEN.

Not until the 28th of October 1821, when the official document arrived… A gossip-ish document came earlier from Nicaragua in the form of the “Acta de los Nublados del Día” in english “A misty Day Act” [27th of September 1821] that told Costa Rica that the independence was singed or so it looks like. Advancing prudence until a “the mist clear out.” For Costa Rica the Independence was a surprise. No blood was shed, no battle had to be fought. It was just something that happen.

September 15th 2016 Parque Nacional de Costa Rica

This was because Costa Rica was the southest province. Pretty much long forgotten by the Viceroyalty and even the Capitania. For that reason Costarricans even during the colony were used to a very independent lifestyle. And our politics had little to non recuperation in the rest of the countries. And people here were more focus in the “eat, life and pray” life style…

Yeah more than 195 years of the PURA VIDA. Deal with it!!…

This week and this day we celebrate with activities all around the country. Many of them in charge of the Ministry of Public Education MEP. Anywhere you go, anywhere you look the will be civic acts, parades, dance, singing, folklore and flags.


Here are some photos for you of the Desfile de Faroles (lanterns parade) . A tradition that began in Costa Rica by initiative of the MEP who ask the other Ministries of Education to send a flaming torch from Guatemala to Costa Rica escorted by students holding Laterns in memory of María Dolores Bedoya whom in 1821 walk the streets of Guatemala. Since 1964 the torch travels from Antigua Guatemala to Cartago Costa Rica carried and escorted by students of each country.


And also some photos of the presidential speech today in the morning in el Parque Nacional in San José Costa Rica.

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