The indegenous comunity Bruncajc- Boruca has an invitation to the general public. Received new year with them.

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Since the midnight of the 30th of December of this year. And until the 2nd of January. The indegenous community of Bruncajc in Boruca in Buenos Aires of Puntarenas. Will celebrate the tradition of Kabrú Rójc. One of their traditional festivities. Also known as the the “devil’s games” `[El juego de los diablitos] And so they want to invite the general public to enjoy and take part of this millennial tradition. That narrates the historic drama of the colonization. The game represents the fight of the Boruca people, represented by the Cabrú (the devils) against the Spaniards (The Bull).

This tradition requires a complex structure of representations and many different roles taken by almost all the people in the community. Among then and for example the Soretca Rójc Mayores or the Elder Devil, the the devils. The musicians, the bull and the bullfighters. The helpers or the dogs, and the female devils. In addition to all of this the community organized by the the Kabrú Rojc committee has integrate to this tradition the cultural expressions of the town. Such as masks, craftsmanship, music, dance, theater, food and oral tradition. Procuring a complete cultural experience.

Because of this. The Kabrú Rojc traditions has earn the indigenous town of Bruncajc of Boruca and the Rey Curré the recognition as In material Cultural Patrimony of Costa Rica. Via the decree Nº 40766-C published in la Gaceta. The firts act of this tradition will began the 30th of December near midnight. Time at which the “players” silently climb the “hill where they born” or Brugara. A place near by the town. And then at the 00:00 the Diablitos (Devils) will be born. Wearing their masks and gangoche suits. screaming and climbing down the hill.

The event is a friendly party. Where all are invited to take part of the Boruca’s world. The activity is pacific and easy going under the careful watch of the elder devils. Everything is joy and happiness, dancing, singing eating tamales and drinking chicha. And with the days other stages will develop fulfilling the story of the fights against the Spaniards. Ending the 2nd of January 2019. With the war against the Bull and take down of the bull and the retreat and the celebration of winning.

The activity is free and open to everyone.

Juego de los Diablitos·

From the 30th of December 2018 until the 2nd of January 2019 ·

Boruca, Buenos Aires, Puntarenas Fotografías: Comunidad indígena boruca

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