11 police officers injured in protests against the government of Carlos Alvarado.

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Less than 24 hours after the joint message made by the President of the Republic Carlos Alvarado and the President of the Legislative Assembly Eduardo Cruickshank Smith, holding a joint national discussion table to establish a new fiscal and budgetary reform for the state apparatus.

Several thousand protesters marched from the Iglesia de la Merced to the Presidential House protesting neglect and mismanagement on the part of the central government. Although it is a problem inherited by several previous administrations, the situation has reached its highest point due to the Covid pandemic19 and a disastrous and unbalanced proposal made in order to obtain financing from the IMF.

The protest turned violent in front of the presidential house, when a hundred policemen surrounded the surroundings and received shouts, insults and later attacks by some of those present, several of which have been clearly and unequivocally captured on video. The police, however, have also been filming using disproportionate force and rapidly attacking groups of protesters with little or no provocation in order to lift blockades.

As it happened in Cañas Guanacaste, or in Altamira where a police officer slaps a detained and immobilized woman. Present levels of social unrest are quite rare in Costa Rica and similar confrontational situations had not been seen since the ALCOA and ICE Combo days.

Messages, opinions and posts from President Alvarado and Paola Vega, a deputy from the PAC ruling party, have resurfaced, known for their doctrinal positions within the party’s politics where they call for demonstrations and blocs and even criticize previous administrations with obscene language. Facts that contrast strongly with the positions they now take as members of the government.

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