$ 11.5 million is the cost projected by the CCSS in protection supplies for health personnel

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) has managed the purchase of 8.8 million pieces of personal protective equipment to deal with the COVID-19 emergency, reported engineer Luis Fernando Porras, logistics manager.

The manager said that the projected cost of purchasing these inputs amounts to 11.5 million dollars, which shows the great institutional effort to have the supply of these inputs.

The Executive President, Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, at the press conference this Friday, reaffirmed the institutional commitment to provide the necessary supplies to provide health personnel who provide direct care to patients with respiratory infection associated with the disease COVID-19 . “We make every effort and the Logistics management has been working on purchasing processes for these protection inputs that are not abundant in the markets and that therefore we must also make rational use of those that we have,” said the hierarch.

Dr. Macaya emphasized that “we face a global emergency, which is why all countries are in the same condition as Costa Rica, constantly seeking to obtain personal protection supplies.”

Macaya Hayes reported that during the month of April and May the following will be entering: 1,244,790 units of N-95 respirators; 3 390 448 pieces of surgical masks, 700 197 safety glasses, 723 966 waterproof gowns and 22 247 dragon swabs.

For his part, the Logistics manager highlighted that an exhaustive search has been made in the national and international market in order to obtain the possible and available quantities of these products.

“We have not rested, in logistics management we are 100 percent committed to guaranteeing the supply required to protect health personnel and to provide patients with safe and quality care.”

In the same way, he explained that other efforts are being made with institutions and the private sector to value the production of some inputs in the country.

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