10% reduction in deaths associated with Covid March 6 to August 8 thanks to Covid mortality commission

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Since July, a Covid-19 Mortality Commission has been formed that analyzes each of the deaths that have been registered related to the disease. The Commission made up of professionals from the Ministry of Health, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the Judicial Investigation Agency and the National Institute of Statistics and Census analyzes in detail each record of deaths in order to obtain statistical information and determine if the person died due to COVID-19 or a history of COVID-19 illness.

Along these lines, the Commission has carried out, to date, the detailed analysis of 212 deaths, registered from March 6 to August 8, corresponding to 139 men, 73 women. The study of these cases allowed identifying that:

  • 186 died from COVID-19 (90.29%)
  • 19 with recent history of COVID-19 disease
  • 1 indeterminate case
  • 6 pending assessment with forensic pathology and private medical centers

Another of the relevant findings of the Commission are the risk factors presented by the deceased. This analysis shows that 137 people (64%) of the 212 analyzed suffered from hypertension, 82 had diabetes mellitus, and 75 had some heart disease, as part of the most frequent comorbidities.

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