[:en]1 Year of Paradise Products Costa Rica.[:]

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[:en]Today one year ago we bought the domain There for starting this magnificent journey.

It is amazing to see how far we have reach in so little time. Our products have now reach 3 continents and 12 different countries. What started as a casual idea to expand the reach of the seed based Jewellry of Belleza Silvestre today is a thriving experience.

Every day we wake up happy to start working. To develop projects and products for the world to enjoy this outstanding piece of land. Because of this we got to meet amazing people from places we never thought possible. We have expand and knowledge of both Costa Rica and the World.


We want to thank every single person we have meet in this road to who knows where.

A very special thanks to the producers of our products. This is because of you! Your bravery is our fuel every day.

Thanks a lot to the CCI France Costa Rica and their amazing team. For receiving us and believe in our company and ideas. We are making it!


Thanks to the people who have listen to our peach and work with us! And thanks to Costa Rica this little sometimes messy but always amazing piece of land. That procure for use the medium in which this idea could born and bloom.


Pura Vida y muchas gracias from:

Gerardo Venegas.[:]

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