1 Positive case for Covid19 in the Carlos Maria Ulloa nursing home  

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The Ministry of Health confirms that a positive case is registered in the Carlos María Ulloa home. The patient was admitted to the Calderón Guardia Hospital from April 14 to 16 due to low oxygen saturation. As part of the internment, a COVID-19 test was performed, which was negative, however, strict isolation was instructed in a preventive manner and exclusive health personnel were assigned for follow-up.

After 14 days of total isolation and taking into account that it belongs to the population at risk, a new COVID-19 test was performed, giving a positive result today, so the patient is transferred to Cenare for the respective follow-up.

The older adult is stable.

At this time, samples are taken to carry out the COVID-19 test on all older adults at the Carlos María Ulloa Home, as well as on the staff who work there.

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